Lacy Gregory-Johnson, BA of Exercise Science

As a collegiate athlete and with a few figure competitions under my belt, fitness has always been a passion of mine. Every year new strategies are developed to lose weight quick or to cheat the process but my philosophy remains the same: You must first change your mind in order to receive the health or body desired. It is a fairly simple concept, but the hardest to implement.

I have worked more than 9 years in a gym setting perfecting the art of personal training and building relationships with clients. Clients build a trust with me and, in turn, the information I provide them with they view as valuable. I have learned the importance of goal setting, implementing strategies and evaluation to increase performance. Having extensive hands on training has provided me the experience to provide my clients specific training according to their current health and mindset. After years of working in gyms, I decided to further my education on how and why the body works and went back to school at the University of Puget Sound to obtain my Bachelors in Exercise Science. I feel the schooling was necessary to build credibility of my knowledge about fitness, but I feel the true value lies within the years of experience of working with clients and building relationships with them.

After gaining 70 lbs with each of my three children and not having my body "bounce back", I now get to be my own client. Honestly, at first I was depressed because my body completely changed, but the truth is that clients will be able to relate more to me and vice versa because I can now say "I know what you are going through". The process of getting back into shape has been challenging but extremely valuable and I enjoy every minute of it. I have to now work for it rather than saying I have good genetics. I wouldn't change it for the world . I have my fair share of cheats and setbacks, but I'm honest about it and strive to do better next time to improve my results.

Overall the systems in the body are like puzzle pieces that need to be put together in order to receive the results desired. As your trainer it is my obligation for you to understand how each system works according to your body. The process of changing your mind in order to change your body can be challenging but is very rewarding. My objective as your trainer is to ensure your safety, guide you on the path of success, supply you with the knowledge, give you encouragement when it seems impossible, and most importantly HAVE FUN.